Rig #5 Inventory

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Continental Emsco GC500 S/D Drawworks, 750 HP w/ LEBUS f/1-1/8” Line, Makeup & Breakout Catheads, Parkersburg 24” Dbl Hydromatic Brake, Continental Emsco 2-Eng In-line Compound, All p/b (2) CAT 3406 Diesel Engs, Twin Disc F-11524-TCO Torque Converter, (2) Curtis Air Compressors, Compound-Mtd.


MAST/SUBSTRUCTURE 127’H x 14’2”W Cantilever Mast, Pin-Type, Crown Block w/(4) 36” Sheaves, 36” Fasline Sheave f/1- 1/8” Line, 4” Standpipe, Crown Safety Platform, Racking Board, 13’H x 18’W x 38’L Box – on – Box Substructure w/Rotary Beams, V-Door ramp, Stairs, Safety Rails, Deadline Anchor, (2) Air Volume Tanks.


POWERED MUD PUMPS Two IDECO MM700 Duplex 6 x 16 Mud Pumps, Powered by CATD-379 650 HP Engines.



STAMFORD 325 KW Gens, Ea p/b Cat 3406 Diesel Eng w/Elec Starter, Radiator, Gauges, Diesel Tank, Mtd in 12’W x 38’L House.



17-1/2” X 53-1/4” Rotary Table w/Split Master Bushing; National N35 Swivel, 5- ¼” Hex Kelly, 5- ¼” Hex Kelly Drive Bushing w/ Sq Drive; Block/Hook Combo w/(4) 30” Sheaves f/1 – 1/8: Line; (2) 133” x 2- ½: Elevator Links.



6’3 H x 10’W x 30’L 335-Bbl Mud Shaker Tank w/8L Covered Porch Extension, (3) Compartments, 5’6 W x 11’6 H x 38’ L 429-Barrel Mud Suction Tank w/10’L House, (3) Compartments, Dual Screen, Sgl Vibrating Shale Shaker p/b VIMARC Vibrating Motors; Desilter w/ (14) Cones.



9’W x 16’L Top Doghouse w/16’L Porch Extension, Knowledge Box.



Hydril 11”, 3000# Annular BOP; 5-Station Closing Unit w/(10) Bottles, Triplex Pump p/b Elec. Motor, Air Pump, Curtis 20 HP Air Compressor, 120-Gal Tank, Air Compressor p/b 10HP Elec Motor, 4’ x 14’ Tank, Diesel Tank Skidded.


WATER TANK 8’W x 6’3H x 30’L 268-Bbl Water Tank w/3’L Porch, Supports f/Top Doghouse, MISSION 3” x 4” Cent Pump p/b 25 HP Elec Motor, Skidded.



WOOLLEY Type B Tongs w/ Asstd Heads; (2) Drill Pipe Elevators, Drill Pipe Slips; 9-Seg Drill Collar Slips; 10-Seg Drill Colllar Slips; 7-Seg Drill Collar Safety Clamp; (9) Drill Collar Lift Subs; INGERSOLL-RAND K4U & H5U Air Hoists, 6’L Mud Bucket.



7500′ of 4½ G Grade; 2500’ of 4- ½ H Grade; E Double White Band Inspected 5-1-12, (18) 6 ¼ x 2 ¼ Drill Collars.