Rig #2 Inventory

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MAC 400 S/D Drawworks, 400 HP, LEBUS Grooved f/1-1/8” Line, KELCO Catheads, Air Driller’s Console, PARMAC 22” SR Hydromatic Brake, Single Engine Compound p/b CAT 3406 Diesel Engine, S/N-N/A, w/Electric Start, Radiator, Gauges, TWIN DISC F-11524-TC Torque Convertor, QUINCY 325L Air Compressor, S/N-SK510671, Skidded



DMI 101’H x 13’W Cantilever Mast, Pin Type, Crown Block w(4) 36” Sheaves, 36” Fastline Sheave, 1 1/8” Line, 4” Standpipe, Crown Safety Platform, Racking Board, Tong Counterweights, Ladder Boom, Mast Stand, Standpipe Manifold w/DEMCO 4” & 2” Gate Valves, Fluorescent Lights, 10’H x 19’W x 40’L Box Type Substructure w/2’ Floor Ext, V-Door Ramp, Stairs, Safety Rails, HARRISBURG 2” x 3” Centrifugal Pump p/b 15 HP Electric Motor, Deadline Anchor, Air Tanks, BREWSTER 18” x 44” Rotary Table w/Split Master Bushing & Air Locking Cylinder, MCKISSICK 150-Ton Block/Hook Combo w(4) 30” Sheaves f/1-1/8” & WEB WILSON 100-Ton Hook


POWERED MUD PUMPS IDECO 550 Duplex Mud Pump, 550 HP, IDECO Quick-Change Fluid End, Air Flex Clutch, Suction Pot p/b CAT D-353, 2” Pressure Relief Valve, EMSCO Pulsation Dampner and Master Skidded

ELLIS WILLIAMS 600 Serial # N/A Cast Steel Fluid End w/Quick Change Caps Powered by CAT D-353, 2” Shear Relief Valve, Hydraulic k-20-3000 Pulsation Dampner, Type D Mud Gauge, 18” Air Flex Clutch, Air Start Master Skidded.

GARDNER-DENVER FXN 7-1/4” x 14 x 400 HP Duplex Pump p/b CAT 3406 Diesel Engine, S/N-N/A, w/18” Air Flex Clutch, Cast Steel Fluid end w/Quick Change Caps, 2” Shear Relief Valve, Pulsation Dampner, Type D Mud Gauge, Master Skidded

Hopper w/15-Barrel Slug Tank



MARATHON Magna Plus 135 KW AC Generator, S/N-WA-542997-0105, p/b PERKINS YD37531 6-Cylinder Diesel Engine, S/N-U840940M w/Electric Start, Radiator, Gauges, Skidded

MARATHON Magna Plus 135 KW AC Generator, S/N-WA-542999-0105, p/b PERKINS YD37531 6-Cylinder Diesel Engine, S/N-U840941M



5’H x 10’W x 35’L 310-Barrel Mud Suction Tank w/10’L Covered Porch Extension, (3) Compartments, Internal Plumbing, MCM 5” x 6” Cent Pump p/b 60 HP Elec Motor & MISSION 5” x 6” Cent Pump p/b PERKINS 4PKXL Diesel Engine w/PTO, Top-Mounted Walkways, Stairs, Safety Rails, Fluorescent Lights, Skidded and 5’H x 10W x 35L-310 BBL Shaker Pit with Compartments and Jets.

DERRICK Linear Motion Shale Shaker

10’ Dia x 30’L 420-Barrel Water Tank



TSM 150-Ton Swivel



DORLAND 10” 3000# Annular Blowout Preventer, BOP Choke Manifold w/5-Way Cross, W-K-M 4-1/16” 500# & (2) BARTON 2-1/16” 5000# Gate Valves, DEMCO 3-1/8” 3000# Gate Valve (2) Adjustable Chokes, on Lift Frame

4-Station Accumulator


MISCELLANEOUS 7’6” x 18’L Top Doghouse w/4’L Covered Porch Extension, Knowledge Box, (4) Lockers, Bench Storage, Cabinets, Parts Bins, Fluorescent Lights, Heater, Skidded

Star 3 Pen Drilling Recorder

42”H x 39”W x 45’L Single Section Catwalk

IR HU 40 Air Hoist

11”6”W x 40”L Utility/Change/Parts House w/Electrical Controls, 30 KVA Transformer, QUINCY Model 370L Air Compressor p/b 10 HP Electric Motor, Air Tank, (10) Lockers, Fluorescent Lights, Heater, Top-Mounted Walkways, Safety Rails, Skidded

4-1/4” Square Kelly, Varco 4-1/4” Sq Kelly Drive Bushing, Square Drive

2-1/4” x 72” Elevator Links

SATELLITE Auto Driller, S/N-7780, w/Feedback Diaphragm

4’W x 4’H x 8’L 5-Compartment Lubester, on 24”H Stand

8’Dia x 16’L 6000-Gal Fuel Tank, Skidded

8’W x 15’L Mud House w/Mud Hopper, Fluorescent Lights, Heater, Skidded

WOLLEY Type B Tongs



6500’ of 4-1/2”XH Drill Pipe

(18) 6-1/8”OD Drill Collars

7-7/8”OD x 2-1/8”ID x 29.32’L Spiral Drill Collar w/6 5/8”Reg Connections